Welcome to the Cling Community.

 Here we love jewelry, style, and minimalist modern trends. Our goal is to design collections that allow you to reinvent and recreate trendy styles with the basic jewelry pieces already found in your everyday jewelry box. This small twist to the typical earring-back allows wearers to hang accessories, such as stacker rings, and charms, securely to the back of your earlobes. This new jewelry invention is challenging the definition of jewelry, and is a unique piece to be added to any jewelry box. The big goal for us is to one day see cling as a staple earring-back seen on every stud. Come and be a part of the movement!

A little sneak peak. 

Hello my name's Robyn. I have taken over my parents dining room table (to my mom's dismay) and have decided to give up my remaining free time to run this small business on weekends and evenings. But it's all worth it, because I truly think the cling earring is a basic jewelry piece that every girl looking to grow their style and jewelry collection needs. 



It started with Pinterest.

While scrolling through my Pinterest page, I came across a photo of a model sporting a simple stud and circular earring jacket- a minimalistic look which I instantly loved. It was only once I finally tracked down a brand that carried a similar style, that it occurred to me that I already had those jewelry components already sitting in my jewelry box... stacker rings, and studs. I just needed to find a way to hook my ring to the back of my earring. This personal challenge led to the design of the cling earring back.



One of a kind design.

All our pieces are designed to be compatible with the cling earring back. The patented hook feature, unique to the cling earring back, allows wearers to interchange their everyday stacker rings, charms, ear cuffs, as earring jackets, creating limitless styling options to be explored. When we say limitless styling, we mean that our cling earring back is also compatible with many rings and charms from other jewelry brands. You're not limited to our picks, you can go and search for your own unique individual style! Stay tuned throughout the year for our collaborations  with other jewelry brands.