• Step 1 - Get your cling

  • Step 2 - Slip ring

  • Step 3 - Hook

  • Step 4 - Dangle

  • Step 5 - Assemble

  • Step 6 - Style it

Important Information

Where to find us

Currently we are solely based online, be sure to follow us on instagram for pop up markets we will be attending.

What's the difference between the universal and traditional earring back?

The universal earring back is based on the design of a typical stopper earring back, but ours has our added hook. This version of the cling earring back allows you to interchange different studs and still hook your desired accessories.

The traditional earring back is a tension based earring back, similar in design to the average earring back you would see on studs, but of course ours has the special hook.😉

What rings and charms work?

The cling hook feature allows rings with a 1.5mm diameter or less to be placed into the earring back hook feature. Rings can become earrings at a moments notice.

A dainty stacker rings are the perfect go to!

Materials and care

At this time our cling earring backs are available in two options:

- Stainnless steel.

- Sterling silver, 14k gold plated options.

Ring sizes

At this time we only offer sizes in 5 and 7, sized rings. We hope to eventually expand our sizes as we continue to grow!